Resting Bitch Face

I had a client coming to see me recently. During the consultation she mentioned that she would like to get some help improving her " Resting Bitch Face". I wasn't sure what she was talking about at first, as it was the first time I had heard such term.

Once she explained the meaning (Resting bitch face, also known as RBF or bitchy resting face, is a term for a facial expression (or lack thereof) which unintentionally appears angry, annoyed or irritated), we went over the things she didn't like about her features and how would she like to improve them.

She pointed out that her lips were sloped downwards and pointy, making her face look bitchy when she wasn't smiling. I've drew the improved lip shape with pencils for her and she loved it as the lips were fuller, less slanted and made her look less grumpy. I managed to give the corners of her mouth an optical lift as well, which she was very pleased with.

We moved on to the eyebrows, which she drew with pencil and shadow + gel. She couldn't work out why but also "give her the resting Bitch face look".

What I saw as something to improve was the shape and shade of her eyebrows. They were too dark for her as well as too sharp and pointy. The fronts were too close together which also gave her that angry look.

I drew the new shape and correct colour to show her how it was better suited to her face.

She was so happy with how her whole face changed with such small tweaks that she booked her double (lips + eyebrows) appointment immediately.

I couldn't stop thinking about the whole "Resting Bitch Face" term and looked online to get a better understanding of what the whole issue is about. I discovered it's a whole massive topic out there.

Well, if you feel you "suffer" from RBF or know someone who does - send them to see me as permanent makeup / microblading could be the cure they are looking for!

Small semi permanent tweaks can make a huge difference to how you see yourself and help you feel better about your features.

Any questions?

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