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Microneedling / MCA

Facial & Body Aesthetics

Scalp Micro Definition provides Microneedling services at three prime London locations: Canary Wharf, Bank and Harley Street.

Microneedling also known as Skin NeedlingMCA or multi-Trepannic Collagen Actuation, Dry Tattooing is a technique used by permanent cosmetics artists and medical aesthetics in which, as a result of the healing process, benefits are achieved in scar remodelling / removal, wrinkle and stretch mark reduction, and skin re-pigmentation. The treatment can be used also to reduce stubborn hair transplantation scarring ( FUT / FUE), acne scarring, surgical scarring, burn contractures and trauma scarring. Benefits of those treatments are widely recognised by the medical industry. Procedure can be performed on all body areas.

Scar Relaxation & Removal of the Scar Tissue Excess Collagen


Treatment is designed to break down the scar tissue so it can be absorbed and removed by the lymphatic system as well as shed off by the dermis and epidermis healing process. At the same time the healthy skin cells are stimulated into re-producing fresh Collagen, Elastin and Melanin to restore the original structure and colour of the skin.

Wrinkle Therapy & Stretch Marks Reduction


Collagen and Elastin are the keys to supple and plump skin; and the appearance of wrinkles is evidence that the skin is losing them. By shocking the skin during the procedure we encourage the body to manufacture more collagen and elastin through the healing process. With the Stretch Marks the treatment also stimulates Melanin production to restore the colour and also Elastin to bring back the structure to the skin.


Additional benefits are added by applying the B5 Serum (Hyaluronic Acid) to the treatment area after the procedure. Hyaluronic Acid is found naturally in the human body and it helps to plump, moisturise and sooth the area. 


Pigment Recovery Stimulation

The process is designed to stimulate the body to renew and repair the affected area. Stimulation is allowing the melanocytes to move freely in the dermal layer of the skin, this process is also known as phagocytosis. Stimulation to the area triggers body to re-programme and return the area to the state it was before the trauma took place, meaning simply - preforming your own natural pigment production in those areas.

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