El Truchan C.P.C.P.

 Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), Cosmetic & Medical Tattoo Specialist

El Truchan Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional
El Truchan - member of Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals
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Scalp Micro Definition provides scalp micro pigmentation services (SMP) and 

is based in London: Bank, Canary Wharf and Harley Street.

El is a fully Qualified, Certified Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) and Cosmetic & Medical Tattoo Specialist since 2014.

Level 4 Accredited.

Trained and qualified to the highest level (Elite) by Nouveau Contour & KB Pro Academy, part of the Nouveau Beauty Group – the UK and International leading experts in Permanent Cosmetics. 

Trained in Advanced Scalp techniques with Ollie Hughes (Appear Natural).


She holds an Advanced & Elite Practitioner qualifications in Scalp Micropigmentation, Permanent Cosmetics, and Medical Tattooing as well as an International Qualification and Accreditation from The Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals; and been performing procedures since 2014. This is her full time profession.

She is a member of SPCP and the Royal Society of Medicine. 

El is also a Trainer & Educator at Nouveau Contour & KB Pro Academy for Permanent Cosmetics and Microblading for the past 6 years. 

Awards and Achievements:


* Demonstrator at the upcoming MPUK 2022 Conference & Awards;

* Judge at Time to Shine UK- Permanent Makeup Competition & Awards 2021;

* Speaker at the Meeting of Minds International Scalp Conference 2021;

* Written industry articles published by SPCP and Team Micro;

* Winner of Highly Commended Award: Best Beauty Business of the Year - Safety in Beauty Awards 2021;

* 1st place GOLD Winner Microblading Specialist of the Year 2021 - British Hair & Beauty Awards.

* 2nd Place SILVER Winner Permanent Makeup Specialist of the Year 2021 - British Hair & Beauty Awards.

* Winner of London Prestige Awards 2020/2021 - Medical Micropigmentation Clinic of the Year.

* Winner 3rd place Medical Areola Micropigmentation Artist of the Year 2021 UK ( MPUK21).

* Winner 3rd place Medical Micropigmentation Specialist of the Year 2020 - The British Aesthetics Awards.

* Triple Finalist in the Micropigmentation UK ( MPUK20) Awards in Scalp Micropigmentation, Areola Tattoo and Microblading categories.

* Winner of English Hair & Beauty Awards 2019 - Permanent Makeup Specialist of the Year 2019.

* Winner of London Prestige Awards 2019/2020 - Permanent Makeup Clinic of the Year.

* Winner of London Hair & Beauty Awards 2019 - Permanent MakeupSpecialist of the Year 2019.

* Finalist in the Official Makeup Awards 2019 - Permanent Makeup Specialist of the Year.

* Highly Commended Permanent Makeup Specialist of the Year 2018 - London Hair & Beauty Award 2018.


El is coming from a family with a variety of medical backgrounds and was exposed from childhood to a lot of information about medical industry. 

In her past, El has worked in the financial services industry for almost 10 years and in due course developed a tremendous attention to detail and due diligence in everything that she touched. She has applied these skills to Scalp Micro Pigmentation and Medical Tattooing. 

She has used all of her knowledge and experience to provide safe, high standard procedures. She only uses the most sophisticated and technologically advanced systems available.

Pigments are also of the highest quality and are pharmaceutical grade (medical grade) and approved for use in UK and internationally.

“ I always strive for perfection. It is tremendously important for me to deliver safe and satisfying treatments to my clients. I listen to what my clients wish to achieve and use all my knowledge and skill to meet their expectations. I am a promoter of a natural look but if a client is after a stronger and more defined outcome, then this can also be achieved. I do believe working together with a client, listening is the most important part of the process.”

 - El

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