Being a Nouveau Contour Trainer

Becoming an industry trainer.... it feels like I've been doing this forever although it's only been 6 months since becoming an assistant trainer at Nouveau Contour UK. It is such a privilege to be nominated and invited to their ranks and working alongside the best of the best in the permanent makeup, microblading and medical tattooing industry.

Being a trainer is not something I ever considered as a career path but being part of the Nouveau Contour UK training team while having my own full time microblading, permanent makeup and medical tattooing business is just a dream come true.

I must say I'm enjoying the teaching side a lot and absolutely love passing the knowledge to our students and watching them grow and progress in their careers.

There are many training academies out there of varying quality, some are good, some are average and some are really bad.

There are also 2-3 days courses (calling themselves academies or microblading/PMU trainings centres) where students end up paying a fortune for very little knowledge and even less qualifications.

Trainers at such places often have no idea how to actually train students, thus so many bad microblading and permanent makeup treatments being performed out there (which I get to perform corrections on regularly unfortunately).

Thankfully at Nouveau Contour UK we go above and beyond to ensure we are providing the best training out there and we’re actually skilled to do so.

My UK and International recognised Award in Education and Training shows that I am actually qualified to train adults not only from a Permanent Cosmetics perspective, but actually as required by UK legislation for anyone who teaches to be qualified to do so by an independent body.

If you are interested in becoming a Permanent Cosmetics specialist my advice always would be to ensure that the place you sign up to learn actually employs trainers who have the relevant industry qualifications to be able to teach.

I know I've made the right choice when I originally signed up with Nouveau Contour UK as a student and I absolutely love the fact that I'm now in a position to help other students on their journey.

The excitement of sharing a skill and performing treatments and procedures that for so many give a life changing outcome, doesn't happen in many industries and I feel lucky I have chosen this path for myself.

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