Microblading, Permanent Makeup & Medical Tattooing by El Truchan

After working in a very male dominated world of stockbrokers for nearly a decade, I felt that it was time to look for something more emotionally rewarding. I decided to take a break and in that time was able to think about what it was that made me happy and fulfilled. I've always had a love for make up, and had been getting Semi Permanent Makeup done on me for years previously and it was only until I had the time to think, did I realise I could turn this into a career.... Semi Permanent Makeup is convenient, time saving and cost effective but it can also help grow people’s confidence, as I also deal with vitiligo and breast cancer sufferers (medical tattooing). I am so happy that now I don’t just do what I love, but I am also helping grow other people’s confidence whilst fulfilling my own goals in life. In this blog I am going to discuss the Semi Permanent Makeup procedure from beginning to end, so for those who don’t know, they can get an understanding of exactly what it is about.

What is to be expected before the procedure takes place? I perform a detailed consultation where among other things; your desired outcome will be discussed. I will then perform a colour match and together we will have a chance to choose the best pigment colour. Once that has been completed, I draw the shape based on your face shape & features, where you will add your own directions and final touches. Once we are both happy, we will go ahead with the rest of your treatment. See my FAQ. How do you choose the right style of eyebrow? You can bring some photos of the styles of eyebrows you like on other people or celebrities. You can also arrive wearing your makeup the way you would like the healed results to look. As a specialist in the field, I will always advise you on the best shape and available options, as well as styles suitable for your facial features. See a gallery of some before & after pictures. Is it really painful? Not at all! Topical numbing cream is applied before the procedure to minimise any discomfort. Many clients have said that tweezing their eyebrows or having them waxed hurt A LOT more than having the semi permanent makeup done. Read other clients testimonials. What is to be expected during the treatment? You will lie down on a comfortable treatment couch; get to listen to relaxing music while I perform the treatment. I will of course update you throughout on the progress and will allow you to have a few peeks in the mirror while explaining each stage of the process. One of London’s bloggers has captured the whole process in her publication, which you can read about here How long does the process take? The treatment itself takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour, but additional time must be allowed for the detailed consultation and the design stage. I recommend a minimum of 2 hours per each client procedure. How much does the procedure cost? Treatment prices start from £325 and the full price list can be found here What do you recommend to your clients post treatment? Following each procedure the client will receive a soothing balm and written and verbal aftercare instructions. I will also be in touch following each treatment to check on your healing progress.

What is Medical Tattooing? It’s a form of semi permanent makeup but performed for medical reasons. Throughout of our lives many of us experience events or conditions that can affect or change our bodies permanently. Breast Cancer is one of them and while having mastectomy for either preventative or cancer treatment reasons is a very important and often a lifesaving solution, it can leave women with a scarring tissue and a loss or partial loss of the nipple / areola. That’s where I can help thereafter.

Using permanent cosmetics I can recreate the Nipple & Areola and give back that bit of confidence that might have been gone due to the suffered loss. The results are 3D and 100% realistic. I can also microneedle the scars to help them relax and soften, improving the overall look and feel of the skin in the area. Cleft Lip is another area where I can help to bring the confidence back. I can create the new, more even lip shape; and fill the scarred uneven lip area with the pigment creating a new, more pleasing lips shape for the client. Vitiligo of which I’ve been myself sufferer, is another condition that I can work on to help fill in the bleached patches of the skin with the closely matching skin colour pigment for more pleasing results. Helping people with these issues gives me a great feeling of doing something meaningful and makes me happy seeing the difference my treatments make to those affected.

If you would like further information on my treatments or have any questions, get in touch - I would love to hear from you!

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