Eyebrow Correction Before - After

This fantastic lady contacted me with a bit of a problem. She sent me photos of her eyebrows where I could see they were uneven and the colour combination created a pink and violet residue. It was some serious correction I was going to face.

I had explained to this lady that I can make the eyebrows better, but because I am working with whats already there, they will never look like freshly created eyebrows. As I was a performing a correction, I will be doing all I can to improve whats already there.

Ideally, which I had suggested to this client, would be to undergo a laser removal treatment to get rid of the previous work and start fresh, but she couldn't face the laser work and didn't want to take such option.

She didn't want to do any removals but just a correction. She also expressed that she would like the eyebrows to be super dark brown (her hair is nearly black) and to be thicker to better suit her face.

Following a very thorough consultation, colour match and shape drawing we went ahead. Correction work can take longer than usual treatments. It is usually 2 appointments of which clients also must be aware.

At her first appointment we addressed the residue colour and small shape correction. at her second appointment we created the final shape for the desired outcome.

Here is her before and after the last procedure pictures.

If you know anyone with bad eyebrow work, do get them to contact me, I might be able to help.

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