NeoStrata Chemical Peel - BEFORE & AFTER

Yes, I also do Chemical Peels now! I love it! This beautiful girl loves getting chemical peels as they brighten her skin and help her reduce sun caused freckles/ blemishes. The treatment is very quick, it takes about 45 minutes including consultation and it helps reconditioning of the skin by triggering cellular renewal processes, where the newly grown skin is healthier, full of your own naturally created Elastin and Collagen. Common myths states that after a chemical peel you will be very red/ burned and scary looking. With NeoStrata Peels that's not the case. The skill of the practitioner will ensure that the peels is taken off at the appropriate time, leaving your skin glowing with short term possible pinkness. Please see the before and immediately after pictures showing this. While not causing much redness or irritation, the peel works by stimulating the regeneration of cells for that radiant, fresh and younger look you desire. Please contact me for more details or to book your appointment.

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