Semi permanent eyebrows advice. Part 2 – Young women

This is a continuation of my last blog post, which you can find here.

It all gets worse when the inexperienced technician agrees to perform an unsuitable procedure for the sake of making a few quid or because the client insists that’s exactly what she wants. Or even worse if the artist has no clue what he or she is doing while thinking they’re doing the right thing.

Those would usually be treatments offered by artists trained at the "1-3 day academies". Avoid such places. I can assure you there is absolutely no chance the artist can learn in 3 days how to tattoo well.

Also be careful with very under-priced procedures. You might get a good but not a very experienced artist needing practice and end up looking absolutely fine, but with cheap procedures you are most likely to get exactly what you pay for…cheap (bad) eyebrows.

I will explain more on this topic in my next blog as otherwise this post will turn into a book :-)

Our duty is to advise and help to achieve the best outcome for clients while thinking long term. Tattooing those black block brows just because the client thinks it looks good on her when clearly it doesn’t is a mistake. The shape is a whole other topic.

It's our duty to show the client proper alternatives and make you look good.

Here are some examples of great eyebrows:

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