Semi permanent eyebrows advice. Part 1 – Young women

Young women in their teens or early 20s often tend to overuse makeup on their eyebrows. For anyone looking for semi permanent makeup for their eyebrows, I would like to give you a bit of advice and guidance. What looks great on the catwalk and is designed to catch observers’ attention or cause controversy is often not suitable for the everyday makeup routine.

I understand well and support the desire to look perfectly defined (thus my company name: Perfect Definition if you catch my drift), but there is a difference between perfectly defined and overkill.

If all that is noted about a women's face are her eyebrows because they stand out like a whale on the desert- well you have your answer- that needs addressing.

A fair skinned, blonde haired girl with skinny block black eyebrows will NOT look good. Instead, defining her brows with a suitable blonde or brown colour makeup and giving that desired impression of volume plus good shape would achieve a much better effect.

You want the eyebrows to be a feature that shapes your eyes and is a part of the facial symmetry enhancing your face rather than a stand-alone item.

Stronger makeup is fully acceptable but it must be chosen correctly to work with the skin tone and the rest of your features. What will look great on an Asian girl will not look right at all on a Scandinavian girl.

Copying the fashion or local ethnicity trends often leads to disastrous makeup outcomes.

Note some extreme examples:

If a problem relates to just applying your makeup daily - that's easy to fix. A short tutorial by an appropriate beauty expert can be your fast ticket to looking good again.

The real problem arises when a young lady with the misconception of a good vs bad makeup decides to make it semi permanent!

** Stay tuned as i will be writing more on this topic in my next upcoming blogs!

In the meantime feel free to contact me with your enquiries on:

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El Truchan xxx

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