A wonderful review from an NHS Doctor

“I have been so happy with the amazing results I have had with the eyebrow and lip blush procedure! It has saved me 20-25 minutes everyday with my make up routine and as a sleep deprived doctor working in the NHS, I really appreciate the extra time I get in bed. El was very professional and took plenty of time to explain what I should expect before, during and after the procedure. I have had dermal fillers before I found out about the lip blush procedure. The lip blush procedure has made me feel happy about the size of my lips and is a much lower maintenance procedure than dermal fillers. Thank you so much!”

It’s wonderful to have an NHS professional reviewing me so highly and referring others for a treatment with me! She very much appreciated having her Microblading Eyebrows and Permanent Makeup Lips treatment done safely and hygienically in a sterile environment.

Doctors hygiene standards are of course set very high whilst working in hospitals and surgery and I make sure that when coming to my clinic the same high standards of clinical environment are met.

My mum has been a surgical ward nurse for 15 years and her total nursing carrier exceeds now 30 years. My aunty ( mums younger sister) has been a head nurse in a hospital for over 25 years whilst their youngest sister has been a carer on a cancer ward; so the high standards of hospital cleanliness has definitely rubbed off on me over the years!

If you are looking for a 5* cleanliness and sterile treatment environment as well as 5* Microblading and Permanent Makeup results then look no further. Please get in touch to discuss your needs. Email me today – info@perfectdefinition.co.uk

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