Lips Correction from previous Permanent Makeup treatment Titanium Residue: Before - After

This lady had her permanent makeup treatment done a couple of years before seeing me by 2 different technicians. When she came to see me she was very upset about the residue of the light/ cream coloured halo around her lips. This is a residue from her previous treatments with someone who used pigments with a lot of titanium. During a thorough consultation I explained that I will do my best to cover it but because of the amount of titanium outside of her natural lip line, I will also have to work outside of her natural lip line and it may take a few treatments to fix this. Also I had to use a stronger/ more vibrant colour (with no titanium - white) in it. She was happy to go ahead and also asked to make the lips fuller. I agreed to make them fuller but only as far to cover her previous pigment residue and to correct the shape. This is Before and After.

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