Real incident from last week and how important is the aftercare

I love having busy weeks at work; meeting clients from all walks of life with different lifestyles and accordingly different makeup preferences and needs. Last week I've experienced a situation, which I would like to share with you. I had this lovely client for a thick semi permanent top and bottom eyeliner. She's of an Asian background, with beautiful dark brown eyes, that can carry the thick black eyeliner like a dream.

It was her first ever semi permanent makeup treatment and after the thorough consultation we went ahead. She did very well and wasn't in any discomfort. I even got a tip at the end of the treatment! As usual, I texted her the next day to check how she was doing and how her eyes were feeling.

I heard nothing back so tried to call in the evening. I wasn't able to get hold of her so decided to try the following day. The next morning a man answered the phone and told me that she was in hospital. Apparently she wasn't feeling well and went to A&E and following that was submitted in. I tried to call every day to see how she was but the phone just kept ringing. Finally on Friday evening my client picked up the phone. It turned out that the day after she saw me she caught a nasty stomach bug and was so badly ill she ended up in hospital. She was so grateful that I had checked and followed up with her. She even asked me where she could write a nice review for me. Her eyes were absolutely fine and she was very happy with the eyeliner.

I was really glad to hear she was feeling better. I must admit, I got worried when I heard that she went to hospital. I didn't think my treatment had something to do with it but there is always a small possibility that a person could experience an allergic reaction, even though I have never seen one or heard of one in relation to the products I use. Still, it is possible. As per medical statistics, as a population we are experiencing an increase in allergies and types of new allergies. While most of them are common: pollen, nuts, dust; others can be really obscure. You can also become allergic to something you have never been allergic to before literally from one day to the next.

Because I am aware of this I insist on checking on clients after all of their treatments and all the way throughout the healing process. Even though the chances of anything happening are close to zero.

From the client’s perspective I believe this gives them the trust that they are in safe hands of someone responsible, caring and professional.

This incident, even though it was in no way related to my treatment, had reinforced my opinion as to how important the client aftercare is and those few minutes spent on the follow up calls can be very beneficial to the therapist’s reputation.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me. I always love to get feedback and hear other people’s perspective :-)

El x

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