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Permanent Eyeliner



Permanent Makeup, also known as semi permanent make up, eye treatment can save you time and money on your daily makeup routine as well as make you look fantastic at any time during day or night. No more stress of trying to pencil or liquid liner your eyes every morning while you are still half asleep: trying to get the lines even and hoping the makeup will stay in place without smudges throughout your day and evening, sunshine and rain or on your beach holidays!


The solution is here for any type of eye makeup you desire from the natural look to a 'made up look'. Permanent eye makeup does not smudge or smear and stays perfect at all times. We can enhance your eye shape, size and colour, help you optically even out your eyes if one is smaller or rounder or higher than the other. Permanent eye liner not only opens, widens and brightens the eye area, it also gives an illusion of thick and voluminous lashes and more definition to the eye. Well-designed eye makeup can create a fresh and youthful appearance. With the range of bespoke treatments we can work together in designing the right look for you.

Lash Enhancement / Natural Eyeliner


Add extra definition to your eyes with a natural look. Lash enhancements, which gives the appearance of thicker looking lashes, without the obvious eyeliner look. The pigment is placed between your lashes - top and bottom or just top eyelid - opening up your eyes, without anyone guessing that you have any makeup on! We are creating an illusion of intensity and volume at the root of the lashes.

'It's a Man's World' / Eye Enhancement for Man


If you ever noticed the striking eyes of many male celebs and actors, it iss probably because they have had a top secret 'Lash Enhancement', using Permanent Makeup. Every day more and more men are turning to Permanent Cosmetics to get that extra definition to their eyes. It is a very subtle procedure, giving definition without looking too strong, obvious or feminine. This is a treatment that only experienced and fully qualified artists should perform.

Eyeliner: pencil or liquid liner

Applying an eyeliner or pencil every morning can be a real nightmare. Save yourself the time and stress and eliminate the worry of smudging. There are various styles and results you can have including: natural, pencil, liquid liner, baby liner (with a small flick), thick or thin or Latino style. Treatments are bespoke, and by working together during the consultation and design stage, we will create a personalised solution for you.

Baby Eyeliner


Beautifully shaped eyeliner with a little flick at the end, to give an impression of  bigger, more open and almond shaped eyes. 

I – pop


This treatment incorporates an addition of coloured pigments and is designed to enhance the beauty of your natural eyes colour. By incorporating pigments that are complementary to the colour of your iris we can make your natural eye colour intensify.

Do you sometimes see a person with strikingly blue, green or hazel eyes that really stand out? It’s usually because they have a discreet coloured makeup that brings up the intensity of the iris colour without anyone noticing how. The treatment is similar to the 'Lash Enhancement' - which is 'Natural Eyeliner' - we define the eyes by placing one of the pigment colours up and underneath the roots of your top lashes and/or along the lower lash line. Adding a complementary colour that enhances your own natural iris colour will pop open the eyes and will create that striking eye colour intensity you will often see on celebrities.

Latino Eyeliner


Want something more dramatic? Now you can have the fabulous 'Latino Eyeliner' look every day! This is an advanced technique and only to be performed by an experienced artist, please make sure that when you are choosing your technician - they have the qualifications required to perform this treatment. 

Re-contouring of the lash line


This is a technique that an experienced artist can incorporate into any of the above treatments. If you feel unhappy with your eye shape, or if you feel your eyes look too small/too large, too round or uneven, please mention this it during our consultation and we will discuss the best options for you. 

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