Microblading or Micropigmentation for Men

Microblading for men uses cosmetic and medical tattooing techniques combined with technologically advanced tools, to address common concerns such as;

  • Hair Loss

  • Thin/unsymmetrical eyebrows

  • Scarring distorting eyebrow shape

  • Vitiligo

After a detailed consultation by El Truchan herself, pharmaceutical grade pigments are implanted into the skin to address subtle corrections, emulate ultra-fine natural hair strokes or reproduce scalp-enhancing modifications, all of which can be designed with effortless ease.

For years male actors and celebrities have used microblading, permanent make up and micropigmentation as a way to improve their appearance and highlight their iconic statement features, however it’s not until recently that the benefits have been embraced by men of all ages, who are fast becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to both enhancing and maintaining their looks.

If you would like to explore in more detail a specific tailor made procedure ranging from the popular ‘eyebrows for men’ to life changing hair follicle simulation, male beauty spot, "guy liner" scalp pigmentation or a Vitiligo treatment, please get in touch with El to arrange a consultation today.

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