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Purchase Gift Cards


Our Microblading & Permanent Makeup 'Gift Card' is a perfect present for your loved ones. Whether it's for your partner who always takes forever getting ready or for your mum who would like to recover her features or perhaps for your daughter (18 years old+) who just loves makeup! It's the perfect gift for any lady.


To purchase a 'Gift card' please select one of the following options with the amount you wish to purchase. On average Microblading & Permanent Makeup treatments costs £450. You can purchase 'Gift Voucher' for the full amount or you can choose another amount towards the treatment cost.


You will receive a Gift Card confirmation email within 12 hours from the purchase time. Gift Card is valid for 6 months for ANY TREATMENT at any of the three salon locations.


£100 Gift Card

£200 Gift Card

£250 Gift Card

£300 Gift Card

£400 Gift Card

£500 Gift Card

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